May 4, 2018

Isn't it interesting how you plan things in life and for some reason, it just doesn't fully come to fruition EXACTLY how you planned it? 


I mean, the overall plan may have ultimately been accomplished, but how you got there was nowhere near how you planned getting there!


You've probably heard it said a zillion times before, "you gotta have faith!" or maybe you yourself have said it. Either way, so many people think that "faith" is some mysterious or ethereal experience that only happens to crazy people and is not based in reality!


The "reality" is that we all have faith. We either have faith in someone, something or both. A good example, not the best, but a basically good example, is how we've all said at one point in our lives, "OK, goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow!"


Boom! Right there! That was faith.


I mean, no one really ever knows when they'll meet their maker. You can die in a horrible car accident, driving on the way to your friends house. You may be walking in the city, enjoying the beautiful sites, when a crane falls on you. You can be sitting by your window, in the comfort of your very own house and get shot straight through your brain by a stray bullet, coming from a shootout involving two gangs over territory.


Nonetheless, we have faith that we'll be alive tomorrow and simply say, "see you tomorrow!"


But through it all, we have faith that we're going to go to work tomorrow. We have faith that the bed we sleep in will hold our weight tonight. We even have faith that after midnight, it'll be a new 24 hour day.


So as you can see...faith isn't really this "blind" crazy thing that so many people poke fun at. Faith is based on something solid and real in your life.


See, true faith has been tested. I don't check the chair I sit at home in my dining table. No, the chair held me up today, like it did yesterday, the day before and all the many years we've had it. My faith in the chair holding me up is based on tried, tested, repeatable, observable and falsifiable evidence!


"What in the world does this whole faith thing have to do with expectations, blood, sweat, tears and planning???!!!"


Good question. I'm glad you asked.


 They say you reap what you sow. But what they don't say is that sometimes you reap WHAT OTHERS sow!


Yup, you heard correctly. That's right, there are other people sowing into the same people you are.


"Hmmm. So how do I know if I'M reaping what I'VE sowed?"


This answer may blow you away but are you ready for this?


Check the fruit. Are those the seeds you've sowed? If not, you may be reaping somebody else's rotten fruit.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're telling me that I've waisted all my time sowing seeds, that never even had a chance to hit the soil?"


Unfortunately, yes.


So what that means is that if we are indeed apple-sowing-people, keep sowing apples. If we're orange-sowing-people, keep sowing oranges. Meaning, while yes, it would be awesome to actually get an apple tree from sowing apple seeds, but the truth is, there's another sower and a thief out there (to be honest - many thieves), making your job seem like a thankless, tiring, draining and depleting paradox.


At the end of the day, all we can do is have faith in knowing that we are indeed sowing good seeds and that all of the hard work, blood, sweat & tears have not gone in vain.


I mean, it doesn't have to feel like a grim, meaningless and bleak future. On the contrary, if we know that we know that we know, that our life's purpose is to sow a specific seed - in the name of positivity... then the truth is we keep sowing.


However, knowing that there is an enemy out there, snatching up all of your hard invested seed sowing, and replacing it with his/her own - we have to be smart in doing our due diligence, in coming back to "the fruit" and see if it's the result of you're seeds.


Every now and then, we close our eyes shut, in hopes that when we open it again, we would see OUR fruit. But the reason we closed it "in hopes" to begin with, is because we already saw but didn't want to believe, that the fruit we've been trying to magically change, was never ours to begin with.


But you know yourself. You know what you're made of. You know purpose. You know what you got. You know what you've perfect all these many years. You know where and how you've sown those seeds. You've seen your fruit.


So what is faith and why is it so import to my seed sowing and my continued hard work, blood, sweat and tears? "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."


Knowing this... we must not let the reaping change the sowing but rather, keep sowing, in hopes of reaping good fruit, while knowing that there's a chance that there are many seed snatching sowers, looking to produce their own fruit.


As a teacher, a friend, a sibling, an everyday human being and even a parent - manage your expectations, knowing that you ONLY have control of your seed sowing.

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