WING CHUN KALI SYSTEM New Jersey Seminar - April 21, 2018

April 26, 2018

Man oh man what an awesome time we had!


There's nothing better than having a three-hour seminar with a bunch of family!


Having the Founder of the Wing Chun Kali System - Joseph Musse Sr. with his students, along with his son and his students, together all in one place, enjoying an incredible amount knowledge being dropped - One might say it was a small piece of heaven!


Of course, although these weren't all the students from both camps, but was enough to create an environment of respect, camaraderie, friendship, information, learning, growing, familyhood and a whole lot of fun! Of course, all stemming from Wing Chun Kali System's Founder Joseph Musse, Sr.


Although ALL of Joseph Musse Sr.'s students came in and gave 100% of themselves, in every way... a special thanks goes to Constance (Connie) Sigman, who did an excellent job teaching, explaining, expositing and demonstrating a lot of the drills that we practiced that morning!


Looking forward to many more days like this one and am hoping that perhaps an 8 or 10 hour seminar would be in our near future. Three hours goes by way too quickly :-)


Fun times!


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