October 9, 2017

 New YouTube show coming soon - Journey To Discipleship


The premise of the show would be multifaceted. Not only would we literally have two students under the guidance and tutelage of Joseph Musse II, journeying on an adventurous transformation to discipleship.


Another major theme of the show would be to showcase the very tightly knit and intertwined workings of the Wing Chun Kali System, not only in the combat-training application of their training. But the true test of having imbibed and the Wing Chun Kali System as a part or way of life, would be to see how they also include their learnings in a more philosophical and practical way; living the art in every area of their lives [i.e. home, relationships, work, friends, siblings, strangers, etc., etc.].


The show would have the occasional guest, ranging from professionals in the business world, teachers of different martial arts, performers, students, law enforcement, directors, producers, designers, attorneys, of course, the founder of the Wing Chun Kali System himself - Sifu Joseph Musse Sr and much, much more!


You can be the first to subscribe to the page, as we're in the process of putting the show together, and you can be the first to know!


The show would be a work-in-progress and will be better and better each week that goes by!


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