The Sadness Of Expectation!

August 2, 2017

When you're a teacher, a father, a mentor, a business-owner, a husband, a friend and/or just a great source (or in some instances), a great resource to others... the weight can sometimes start bearing down on you!


However, at the end of the day... one can only hope, wish, dream, ponder, imagine, fantasize or desire the much heard about rumor called The Law Of Reciprocity.


The good thing is this... although one may hope and wonder about the unrealistic fallacy called reciprocity; a true leader rises above the foolishness of the ever elusive word "expectations" and simply sets his eyes forward toward the goal and/or tasks at hand.


In the end, one should continue doing for others and never expect anything in return. One should also abstain from the all dangerous snare of 'expecting' that the law of reciprocity is even real.


The beauty is that one continues to discern, learn and get better at who they can rely on and who they can't. While on one hand, it sucks that you "thought" you could rely on certain people, only to find out that you can't. And on the other hand, as a leader, it helps you get better at growing in your discernments, contingencies and overall way of reaching out for good reliable people!


Although it is sad and it is a little disheartening - it positively makes you a stronger and better leader!


Walk around with your head up! Don't look back and don't stay still.



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