Violence seems to be increasingly growing, rising and intensifying throughout the world today. Although it may be argued that violence has always existed in the same way, with the same fervor and seemingly lack of human concern. We can all agree that since the advent of radio, television and now the internet; hearing, seeing, feeling and being affected by the violence that seems to be as pervasive and ubiquitous as the very air we breathe, has truly reached an incredibly dangerous and all-time high.


After reading this book, you'll come to see, recognize, know and understand that bullies have not only been around for a long time - they've adapted to all sorts of new breeds.


Bullyism can sometimes be so subtle, elusive and mysteriously understated, one may not even know to categorize it as such. However, in this book, you'll get a glimpse of some of the most popular bully-isms affecting our everyday lives.


Whether you're a bully, ex-bully, a parent of a bully, a parent of a child being bullied, a witness of someone being bullied or you yourself a victim of bullyism; you're going to enjoy this book, the practical advice and easy-to-read language in which each chapter explains the different categories of bullies we've all heard about to some degree in our lives.

If you know someone being bullied or you yourself are being bullied, as defined by the author's classifications, you're going to love how you can handle a bully and in turn use that success to overcome everything else in your everyday life.


Joseph Musse II, Author of The Super Power of Decisions, doesn't complicate words and has a unique way to make a complicated subject - not so complicated. As an entrepreneur, martial arts instructor, business owner, artist, father, husband and lover of life, Joseph has found a way to include all facets of his life to enrich the people in his life and his hopes are that he would affect yours too.

BULLIES - They're Not Just In Schoolyards Anymore

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